Uplisting Cleaning FAQs
FAQs about the cleaning scheduler
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What do cleaners have access to on your Uplisting account?

An invited cleaner has access to the Action and Calendar screens. What they can see on each screen is limited. For example on the calendar screen (as seen on the image below) the cleaner can see bookings (but can't select them) and changeover events.

What can cleaners see or do?

  • Booking events on the calendar, however they can't select those bookings to view pricing, messages etc

  • Changeover events on both the Action and Calendar screens

What can't cleaners see or do?

  • Property settings panels

  • Rates

  • Booking panel

  • Rate update

  • MLOS update

  • Billing

  • Teammate

  • Connect

  • Automate

  • Inbox

  • Reports

  • Create a listing

  • Connect an Airbnb account

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