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Payment not taken for Vrbo (Homeaway) reservation
Payment not taken for Vrbo (Homeaway) reservation
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The only way it's possible for a VRBO reservation to be confirmed but have no payment taken is if the listing is set to be paid by invoice.

How do I see what payment method is set on my listing?

  1. Go to property settings > Details > Homeaway details

  2. See what is selected under the Method of payment setting. It's either:
    - Invoicing
    - Instant payment via Stripe

  3. If you want Uplisting to take payments for you automatically for you, select Instant payment via Stripe.

  4. If Instant payment via Stripe is disabled, you must link this listing to a Stripe account - Stripe Payment Processing

How doI take payment for existing bookings on the invoice payment method?

The easiest way to take payment is by creating an invoice on your Stripe account. Do this by:

  1. Creating a customer using the guest email address directly on Stripe

  2. Create an invoice on that customer on Stripe for the amount owed

  3. Send that invoice via Stripe to your guest.

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