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Bookings allowed with lower min stay that was set
Bookings allowed with lower min stay that was set
There are two reasons why you would receive a booking from with a min stay (MLOS) less than what you expected.
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If either of these answers don't solve your issue please let us know on customer support and we will investigate further.

1. Check your spot MLOS for the date/dates in question

Use the "hidden rows" button on the calendar to show the spot (ie. daily) MLOS (Min Length of Stay).

  • Spot MLOS overrides the MLOS restriction set on the property settings.

  • Spot MLOS should be reflected on all connected booking sites

2. Check your rate plans on

Additional rate plans (eg. non-refundable rate plan) does not share MLOS with the Standard Rate plan Uplisting is linked to, by default. You can ask to change this (details below).

The most common reason for bookings less than the min stay (MLOS) set is due to additional rate plans on

How to check your rate plans

First, go to the Rate plans page on your extranet

If you have multiple rate plans, the booking with a lower MLOS than expected is most likely not-booked on the Standard Rate.

Although prices are linked to Uplisting on all rate plans (if setup correctly), restrictions are not by default.

Contact your account manager or partner support and ask them to attach all rate plans as a child rate to the Standard Rate (ie. the rate plan showing as mapped to Uplisting). The child rate plan will then follow restrictions of the parent Standard Rate.

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