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FAQ: Why Airbnb co-hosted listings are not supported
FAQ: Why Airbnb co-hosted listings are not supported
Airbnb co-host listings are not supported on the official Airbnb integration.
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You may have noticed technical issues with Airbnb co-hosted listings via the Airbnb mobile app, sometimes on the web and perhaps on Uplisting if you use co-host listings (which are no longer supported for new listings).

The most common issue for co-hosted listings is messaging does not work for a small number of reservations. Min length of stay can't be synced on co-hosted listings, along with other restrictions.

Airbnb do not support co-hosted listings on their official integration.


You have two options:

  1. Connect the account owner Airbnb account to Uplisting. You'll either need the login credentials for the Airbnb account to do this, or you can invite your client to connect to their Airbnb account on Uplisting themselves (guide below).

    Inviting clients to connect their Airbnb accounts

  2. Create a new listing on your own account.

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