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Is Uplisting syncing with {booking site}
Is Uplisting syncing with {booking site}
Changes made on Uplisting don't seem to reflect on the {booking site}
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When comparing Uplisting availability (and prices) to that which you see on Airbnb, etc, you should always compare to that channels internal calendar. Not the public (guest facing) calendar or listing page.

It's possible you have discounts, additional rate plans ( or other settings that interfere with the guest facing prices and availability. The price you see on Uplisting should always match the price you see on your internal calendar.

How can I tell if Uplisting is syncing with a booking site, or not?

The easiest way to troubleshoot this yourself is to mark a date unavailable on Uplisting, wait 20 seconds, then check if that date is blocked on the booking site. You will need to refresh your calendar on the booking site to see any changes.

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