The problem

If you change the rate on the calendar, it works, then it reverts back after a while, you most like have the dynamic pricing feature enabled.

If the dynamic price syncing feature is enabled, Uplisting imports prices directly from Airbnb every 2-3 hours. This is why you are seeing your rates reset, and also why Uplisting is not changing prices on Airbnb.

The solution

  1. Click here to check if dynamic price syncing is enabled

  2. Disable the setting for all listings by turning off the toggle next to "Enable dynamic price syncing for all new listings".

The purpose of this feature

This feature should only be used if you want to sync prices from a dynamic pricing tool such as Beyond Pricing or Wheelhouse. If you use PriceLabs, you can connect directly from Uplisting which is a superior integration as they sync min length of stay, closed for arrival and other restrictions.

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