Once Uplisting has been connected to your Airbnb account(s), it's simple to break that connection on either an entire account or an individual listing. Once you disconnect Uplisting will no longer sync prices, availability etc, nor will Airbnb send us information like new bookings, enquiries etc.

Note: if you reconnect your Airbnb account in future, your listings will be imported again. 

🚨Before disconnecting

Uplisting automatically increases your prices on Airbnb by 14% on connection to your account. We do this as a safety precaution as Airbnb automatically set your host fee to 14% when connecting to a software partner (more on this here). If you're prices remained the same you are at risk of accepting bookings 14% below the value you expect.

This is easily reversible if you follow these steps:

  1. Confirm your host fee setup on Airbnb here. If it's set to 3%, continue to step 2. If not, set it to 3% (if you wish).

  2. If you wish to reset prices to what they were prior to connecting to Uplisting, change your Airbnb markup on Uplisting to 3% here

  3. Done - all prices are back to the original values. You can now disconnect Uplisting safely (below).

[Option 1] Disconnecting an entire Airbnb account

The video below will show you how to disconnect an entire account on either Uplisting or Airbnb. Quick links are provide below:

  1. On Airbnb you can disconnect here.

  2. On Uplisting you can disconnect here.

[Option 2] Disconnecting an individual Airbnb account

The video below will show you how to disconnect an individual listing on either Uplisting or Airbnb.

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