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Disable automated messages on a booking
Disable automated messages on a booking
Sometimes you don't want to trigger automated messages for particular guests and bookings. You can disable automated on each booking.
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On Uplisting you can create multiple automated messages on each listing to help make your life easier and preempt common guest queries to reduce time spent in your unified inbox. 

For example, you can create an automated message that is triggered 3 days before check-in to say check-in instructions will be sent 24 hours before check-in.

Why would you need to disable these automated messages?

There are a number of reasons such as not wanting to ask for a review post-check-out when the guest has been difficult, or if you have regular guests you may use a more personal touch.

How to disable automated messages

Disabling automated messages is simple. 

  1. Open the booking (you can use the search feature on the calendar to quickly find the booking).

  2. Toggle the 'Automated messages' setting to off under 'Automation settings'.

  3. Done!


Can I still send messages manually on the message tab on each booking?

Yes! Only automated messages are affected. You can still send and receive messages manually.

Will I still receive messages from the guest?

Yes! You will still receive all guest messages (and can send manual messages to them).

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