How do booking windows work?

If you set a booking window of 6 months (180 days), dates beyond those 6 months will be blocked, and dates within those 6 months will be available. The booking window moves forward every day, so as time passes new dates will automatically become available.

Why use days rather than months?

Allowing you to set booking windows is days allows much greater flexibility and has been a very popular request. 

Here's a quick list of common monthly settings and their equivalent in days:

  1. 1 month = 30 days

  2. 3 months = 90 days

  3. 6 months = 180 days

  4. 12 months = 360 days (or 365)

How do I setup booking windows?

  • Go to the Booking Window settings on the Automate screen to set or edit on all listings.

  • Uplisting will automatically sync booking windows for any new Airbnb listings. 

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