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Troubleshooting reservation cancelled but not removed on Uplisting reservation cancelled but not removed on Uplisting
Why can this happen? There is a genuine reason and it's mostly good news.
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If a reservation was made through their Risk-Free Reservations Program, even though the guest may have cancelled, the reservation is still active. don't mark this reservation as cancelled and so it remains on Uplisting.

What happens when a guest cancels a Risk-Free Reservation? will look for a new guest for similar dates. If they can't find a replacement, your property will stay empty but will pay for the cost of the reservation.

This means the original reservation (technically cancelled now) will remain active on the system, with the tag 'Risk-Free' internally on the Extranet's Reservations tab and the property will receive a virtual credit card to charge for the cost.

On your Extranet Reservations tab, you can check the reservation status as shown below. The status for this reservation is "Looking for replacement guest(s)".

For more information, you can take a look at these articles in's Partner Help Centre:

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