Why tag your listings?

Tagging your listings is helpful for a number of reasons:

  1. Creating groups, or portfolios of listings to view on your calendar or on the action screen.

  2. Viewing multiple listings for the same property at the same time, in one single view.

  3. In future, you'll be able to select tags on things like Stripe connections, or when inviting teammates so any new listings tagged (or untagged) will automatically be accessible to your teammates. 

How to tag your listings on Uplisting

It's very simple to tag listings on your calendar:

  1. Select a listings settings on your calendar

  2. Go to More settings > Tags 

  3. Enter a new tag by typing and pressing enter, or use the dropdown icon to select a tag you've already created

To remove tags from a listing

  1. Just select the x  next to the tag on your listing

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