How to connect Uplisting to your Stripe account

  1. Open 'Connect'

  2. Select 'connect' on the Stripe integration

  3. Select the 'connect with Stripe' button

  4. This will open a Stripe page where you can select the Stripe account you want to connect to (if you have more than one)

  5. Click on 'Connect my Stripe account'

  6. Once directed back to Uplisting select the listings you wish to connect to this Stripe account (you can connect multiple Stripe accounts)

  7. Click 'Save and connect to Stripe'

  8. Done! If you collect credit card details for guests, these will be used to automatically create customers directly on your Stripe account

  9. You can charge your guests directly on Stripe immediately.

What can I do with the Uplisting Stripe integration?

Connecting your Stripe account to Uplisting will:

  • Automatically create Stripe customers on your Stripe account
    Uplisting will use guest credit card details as well as the guest name and address for further verification. 

  • Securely store guest credit card details on Stripe
    No need to worry about keeping guest credit card details on file in an insecure manner. All credit card details are securely stored on Stripe to the highest standards.

  • Automatically mark guest credit card details as invalid to
    No need to worry about fake bookings or missed payments. Uplisting will automatically mark a guests credit card details as invalid on

What's next for the Stripe integration?

  • Charge guests directly on a booking
    Add support to allow you charge guests directly on an Uplisting booking.

  • Charge a portion, or full payment automatically
    Once a booking is created on, Uplisting will charge a portion or the full payment directly to your Stripe account.

  • Recurring checks for credit card validity
    Automatically check if guest credit card is still valid 1 week before check-in and mark invalid on if not.
    Automatically check if guest credit card expiry date is before check-in date and mark invalid on

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