Why can't I edit imported bookings?
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Inputs you can't edit on imported bookings

  • Guest name

  • Check in and check out dates

Functions you can't perform on imported bookings

  • Cancel bookings

  • Delete bookings

  • Move bookings to another property

Why can't I?

External channels take precedence over Uplisting. Any changes to bookings on an external channel like Airbnb (eg. change of check out date, cancellation of a booking) will be reflected on your Uplisting calendar during the next sync (normally within 3 hours). This is all done automatically.

Airbnb and other channels don't allow editing of bookings the other way (ie. from Uplisting). As such any changes to bookings within Uplisting will not be reflected in Airbnb. This could lead to confusion where bookings on your Uplisting calendar to not reflect bookings on external channels perhaps leading to double bookings and unhappy guests. To avoid this, Uplisting restricts the editing external bookings.

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