Video walkthrough

This video both shows how the integration works and explains how to connect Uplisting and RemoteLock.

What locks are supported?

RemoteLock supports the following brands (and more):

  • August

  • Yale

  • Kwikset

  • Schlage

  • Alfred

  • Vera

  • OpenEdge

  • Mercury Security

  • HID

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How do I set up RemoteLock?

Here is where you sign-up to RemoteLock software:

How to use these codes to automate guest check-ins

Use the {lock_code} message tag in automated messages, saved replies and custom codes to dynamically insert the guest's lock code in any messages you wish. The guests unique code will automatically appear wherever the {lock_code} message tag is used.

How are the codes created?

Uplisting will automatically create a 6 digit code using the last 6 digits of the guest phone number. If there is no phone number Uplisting will create a random 6 digit combination to use.

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How to connect RemoteLock to Uplisting

  1. Go to Connect > RemoteLock (here)

  2. Click the 'Connect with RemoteLock' button.

  3. This directs you to RemoteLock where you can confirm the connection

  4. Once connected you are directed back to Uplisting where you can now see the new connection

  5. Click on settings next to the new connection

  6. Map your locks (left hand side) to your properties (right hand side)

  7. You can map multiple locks to one property (which is very helpful!)

  8. Any new bookings created or imported to Uplisting will now get sent to RemoteLock and a code created

  9. If you want to create lock codes for all existing listings, click on the "Generate codes for existing bookings" button
    Note, if you don't create codes for existing bookings Uplisting can't provide lock-codes for those bookings to guests on automated messages and saved replies

  10. Done!

How to add new locks

  1. Add your new lock(s) to RemoteLock

  2. Go to the RemoteLock Connect page

  3. Click settings on the RemoteLock account you wish to add a lock to

  4. Click the "Refresh locks" button.

  5. This will sync any new locks from RemoteLock into Uplisting and you can map them to your Uplisting properties

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