This type of question usually ends with a salesy answer of, yes!, of course Uplisting is great for you. However, at Uplisting we understand each property manager has a unique set of needs, lots of overlap, but a perfect solution for all types of properties, businesses and people doesn't exist.

Our philosophy is to be transparent. We don't have any hidden fees or tie you into a long-term contract. We also understand Uplisting is not perfect for everyone and we want you to make the best decision for you and your business.

Lets take a look at:

  1. Who uses Uplisting now

  2. Who we don't think Uplisting is a great fit for, right now.

Who uses Uplisting now?

Our members are quite diverse, however, in a nutshell, we are focused on urban property managers with 10 to 300+ properties.

"We’ve been relying on Uplisting since we started with just 5 properties, now growing to 250+ at AirManaged. We tried a number of similar products before settling on Uplisting. They listen to feedback and the user-friendly design gives us a hub to manage our properties. The team are great when we have a query."

The majority of our members have 20+ properties, in urban areas. However, we have many of members with fewer than 20 properties who look for a platform they can scale with. For example, we've grown together with one member in particular who went from 7 to 175+ properties in the past couple of years.

Our largest members have 300+ properties.

An all-in-one platform (for the most part!). Our members want a Property and Channel Manager that does as much as possible under one platform.

You don't need a separate channel manager when using Uplisting. We are an official software partner of Airbnb, and Homeaway/VRBO. This means no extra costs, nor any confusion.

A lot of our members actively provide feedback, ideas and insight. We tend to work closely with our members (although not a requirement!). This feedback directly shapes our product. All members are invited to share their thoughts!

What does it mean to be focused on urban property managers?

Uplisting is an ever evolving and improving product. We release updates (mostly) weekly. When making decisions on what features to build, we take inspiration from our members. In deciding what to build we weigh up whether a particular feature will benefit our wider member base. If not, that feature is not a priority.

Urban property managers have many of the same requirements as vacation rentals, resorts, b&b's etc, however, there are many differences. There is overlap depending on how the business is run.

Who is Uplisting not great for, right now?

These are general assumptions based on discussions we've had on our numerous demo's, calls and customer support over the past couple of years. For each example we can also point to current members that:

Resorts, B&B's and Hotels - A very broad category, however, a few of the key resort features Uplisting doesn't support (yet) are: -

  1. Closed for departure on all channels (eg. guest must book Monday to Monday).

  2. Multi-unit availability (ie. one double room with 4 available units). We will support this feature in the near future.

Those requiring these specific features

Multi-unit listings

We will support this feature in the near future

Airbnb only relatively recently have supported this feature. It's a very popular request.

💡How do our members get around this currently?

Members have 1 listing per unit on Uplisting, Airbnb, and Homeaway/VRBO.

Reporting dashboards (eg. occupancy rates)

We will provide reporting dashboards in the near future

We don't have dashboards for analytics like occupancy rates, yet. We will provide a best in class dashboard in future.

💡How do our members get around this currently?

One of our main goals is to allow you access your data easily. To enable this we offer an API, Webhooks and a Zapier app. Our members have built their own dashboards on Airtable, Coda, Excel and more using Zapier (or their own webhook setups).

If you are looking to automate a lot of your business, and aren't yet using Zapier—take a look ASAP! We run the majority of our internal workflows through Zapier.

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