Update: 16th Dec 2020

Prior to this 16th of Dec 2020, the Uplisting API included three subdomains for the webhook (api.uplisting.io) and the API endpoints (partner.uplisting.io/hooks.uplisting.io).

We now use one single subdomain for all API and Webhook endpoints: connect.uplisting.io

What can you do with the API?

You can use our API to retrieve your listings in an index, retrieve each listing's calendar and update each listing's calendar. You can use our Webhook to access reservation data.

Why would you use the Uplisting API?

  1. Integrate with your direct booking website (if you aren't using the one provided by Uplisting) so all prices, availability and other restrictions are up to date on your website and on Uplisting (and in turn on all connected booking sites).

  2. Analyse prices, available dates etc.

  3. Push your own prices formulated locally, to Uplisting.

  4. Create your own dashboards, reports etc using the booking webhook.

How to get started with the Uplisting API

  1. View our documentation here.

  2. Access your API key here.

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