There are a few reasons why Uplisting hasn't taken payment for a booking. Some of those are due to the setup on Uplisting and others are due to the channel not providing credit card information, or the guest card being invalid. 

If you believe you have setup everything correctly (and have had a successful payment for a booking previously), skip to "Reason 5" below. If that doesn't provide any answers start with "Reason 1" and work your way down.

Potential setup reasons causing payment not to been taken

Reason 1 - The listing has not been enabled on the Stripe settings

Check the listing which received the booking has been enabled on the Stripe settings on the Uplisting Connect screen. In the image above, the bottom 5 listings are not enabled and so Uplisting cannot process any payments for any bookings on those listings.

Reason 2 - Uplisting has not been instructed to take full-payments

If you have not instructed Uplisting to take full-payments for your reservations, Uplisting will only store credit card details on Stripe and not charge the booking.

Reason 3 - The channel is not providing credit card information for the booking

Here we mostly refer to Booking-com as Homeaway (VRBO) will always provide credit card information. Booking-com does not provide guest credit card information by default. You will need to contact Booking-com customer support and ask to have credit card transmission enabled.
All Airbnb transactions occur directly on Airbnb and will never be processed via a payment processor like Stripe.

Potential processing reasons causing payment not to been taken

Reason 5 - The guest card was declined

Booking-com do not confirm the guest credit card is valid nor has sufficient funds for the booking value. This means when Uplisting attempts to process the payment for the booking via your Stripe account, the transaction can be declined.

How to tell if a reservation was declined?

  1. Open the booking on Uplisting

  2. Check the booking payment status

On the image below you can see the payment status is "Invalid payment method". In this instance, the guest has provided either an invalid credit card or the card has insufficient funds. 

Note: Uplisting will automatically mark the credit card as invalid on Booking-com and the guest has 24 hours (if check-in is not today) to enter new credit card details. If those card details are valid Uplisting will take payment.

How to check the error code on Stripe

  1. Go to the customer tab on your Stripe dashboard (or use the search input with the guest email address)

  2. Select the guest you wish to review

You will see a screen similar to this:

Towards the bottom of this page you will see a Logs section

The 402 ERR items are what you are looking for as this explains the reason the card was declined. Click to open.

At the bottom of the 402 ERR page you'll see the reason the card was declined. Here are the explanations behind each error code.

A do not honor  decline code is a generic code that could mean multiple things. This guide from another payment processor sheds a bit more light on these codes.

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