1.1 On Expedia

Expedia have recently released an option to sync via iCAL. Currently you need to request the iCAL link for each listing from your account manager and/or Expedia customer support.

1.2 On Uplisting

  1. Select the listing on Uplisting you wish to sync with the Expedia listing

  2. Select the 'Connect' button on the Expedia settings.

  3. Paste the iCalendar link provided by Expedia.

  4. Click 'Next sync availabilities' button to sync unavailable dates on Uplisting to Expedia.

2. Exporting unavailabilities from Uplisting to Expedia

2.1 On Uplisting

Copy the 'sync availabilities' iCalendar link provided on Uplisting

2.2 On Expedia

As mentioned above, the iCAL sync is a new feature provided by Expedia. We do not yet have visibility of how to add your Uplisting iCAL to your Expedia listing.


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