Uplisting Cleaning provides a solution to you and your cleaning team to keep track, manage and monitor cleaning events (we call them changeovers). 

A quick introduction to how Uplisting Cleaning works

1. Changeover events are created automatically

Every time a booking is imported/synced to, or manually created in Uplisting, a corresponding changeover event is created.

2. Invite one or more cleaners

You can invite your cleaners to have access to one or more of your listings.

Note: currently it is assumed that you have one cleaner per listing, ie. there is no way to tell what cleaner has accepted a cleaning event. If you need more than one cleaner per listing please let us know how you we can improve the feature for your needs.

3. Cleaner has access to a restricted calendar and action screen

A cleaner who accepts your invitation will be able to see a restricted calendar and action view on Uplisting. The only elements cleaners can interact with are changeover events.

4. The changeover panel contains key information for cleaners

The changeover panel provides the key information required:

  1. Property name
  2. Property address
  3. Existing guest name, check out time and date, and number of guests (if available)
  4. Next guest name, check out time and date, and number of guests (if available)
  5. Any notes left by the account owner

5. Cleaners can perform a 3 actions on each changeover event

  1. Accepted changeover
  2. Begin changeover
  3. Finish changeover

6. Cleaners receive email alerts when changeover events are created, modified or cancelled

Whenever a changeover event is created, modified or cancelled (due to bookings being modified or cancelled), your cleaner will receive an email notification and the changeover event will be removed from the calendar and action screens.

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