Sometimes we want to limit guests checking in to certain dates. This may be because we are unavailable, or we want a 7 night stay to start from Monday, or some other reason.

There is no direct way to do this on Airbnb, however there is a workaround. Thanks to one of our members, Laurence, for sharing this tip with us!

How to restrict guests to checking-in on a specific date or day of the week

  1. Click on "Availability Settings" within the Calendar and then click edit under "Trip Length". 
  2. Create a specific date range and parameters on minimum stay and check-in date just within that range:

In the first example on the image below guests must stay for a minimum of 4 nights and can only check-in on Monday of that week.
In the second example they must stay for 4 nights and check in on the Sunday.

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