Uplisting smart rates solve the disparity of different commission structures so you always earn the same amount, no matter where your booking comes from.

Why do we need smart rates?

Booking.com charge a commission (~15%) on the rate you set, whereas Airbnb splits their commission between the host (~3%) and the guest (6–12%), where the commission is added on top of the rate you set. Learn more here.

How do Uplisting smart rates work?

Easy. You set the rate you want to on a nightly basis (we call that your take home rate - shown in the image below) and Uplisting will work out the commission calculation for you prior to syncing with Airbnb and Booking.com. 

How do I know what rates are synced?

Assuming you have connected to Airbnb (at least), you will notice a 'show booking site rates' button on the right hand side of the calendar toolbar. Selecting this will show 3 extra rows for each listing (as shown below).

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