1. What syncs with what?

  1. Rates, bookings and availabilities sync instantly with Airbnb and Booking.com. These are our two main booking sites..

  2. Bookings and availabilities are synced with all other booking sites via iCalendar

When do automated messages send?

Automated message settings are also found on your property setting panel. Messages will not be sent until you turn them on. 

Messages will not be sent to any bookings that have gone past the message trigger (eg. message sent when booking is confirmed). That means your future bookings (hopefully loads of them) won't get your 'thanks for booking!' message - this is good.

Click here to learn more about how automated messages work.

How do I start hosting on Booking.com?

Check out our ultimate guide to hosting on Booking.com 🤓. It's been read by over 2,500 hosts with very positive feedback.

How do I set extra guest charges and other restrictions?

Good question. You can set the following for Booking.com on the Uplisting interface:

  • Minimum length of stay globally (for all dates)

  • Closed for arrival days

Any other settings currently need to be set by the Uplisting team on your behalf. We're very happy to do this for you. 

What about Airbnb?All settings must be set on your own Airbnb account at the moment. This is temporary as we intend to support all extra settings on both Airbnb and Booking.com.

Guest charges work differently on Booking.com
Although guest charges work differently when using the Booking.com interface, Uplisting has greater flexibility. We can replicate the Airbnb method of charging extra guests. For example:

  • Base rate of $100 = 2 guests

  • One additional guest = +$50

  • Two additional guests = +$100

  • Three additional guests = +$150

  • Four additional guests = +$200

  • and so on....

Again, if you want to set extra guest charges just let us know.

I want to charge more on Booking.com

You can do this by adding an extra service charge on your Booking.com admin account. 

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