We've designed Uplisting to be simple to setup and intuitive to use. Saying that, there is a slight learning curve but this message aims to get you off to the right start.

Step 1: Connecting to Booking sites

Hopefully you have imported your listings from Airbnb already. If not, we strongly recommend that you do (click here to do that).

Each listing has an individual settings panel where you can do things like set your base prices, edit and turn on automated messages and more. This is also where you connect to booking sites.

Click on your listing name on the Uplisting calendar to open the settings panel. Then go to 'booking sites' to connect. 

Click here for more information on connecting to booking sites.

Step 2: Review and compare

Uplisting effectively takes a mirror copy of the essential information for each listing from Airbnb. That includes, base rates, calendar rates, bookings, messages and unavailabilities. However, not everything is included:

What to review

  • Check-in and out times (used to trigger automated messages)
  • Timezone (used to trigger automated messages)
  • Base prices
  • Restrictions
  • Linked listings

What to look out for

  • Missing unavailable (blocked) dates markers
    Primarily caused by connections to third party iCalendar links. We assume that you'll also connect these iCalendar links to Uplisting.
  • Blank rates on the Uplisting calendar.
    Very rarely we can't retrieve your base prices from Airbnb. This is very easy to fix by entering your own base prices on Uplisting (under the base prices tab on each property's settings panel).

Step 3: Configure

  1. Give your properties nicknames (if you want)
  2. Edit, personalise and turn on automated messages
  3. Set seasonal rates (using the 'update multiple rates'
  4. Set extra guest prices and MLOS for specific date ranges by contacting us

Step 4: Enable connections to Airbnb and Booking.com

If you have yet to enable the connections to Airbnb and Booking.com you should do that now. If not Uplisting won't sync availabilities and rates. 

Go to the 'booking site' tab on each property settings panel and check each connection to Airbnb and Booking.com. If connection is 'locked' then syncing is already enabled.

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