How linked listings work and how to set up

  1. You'll find the linked listing setting under the new 'Linked listing' tab on each property settings panel (shown in the image below).
  2. Linked listings work in one direction. This allows Uplisting to be a bit more flexible than Airbnb but means you need to specify links on each listing.
  3. If you want Listing A to be blocked when a booking is created on Listing B and  C, select that  B and C on A's linked listing tab.

The image below shows the setup for the listing 'Level 3 apartment room B'. These settings mean that 'Level 3 apartment room B' will be marked as unavailable when either 'Main Residence' or 'Level 2 Apartment' have a booking.

Multiple unavailable markers

A slight downside to linked listings is that Uplisting will create multiple unavailability markers on the Main Residence (for example) if both Level 2 Room and Level 2 Apartment receive a booking.

Each listing will be blocked as expected, however, the Uplisting calendar will have duplicate markers. We will improve this in future to only display one marker.

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