Each Uplisting listing represents an individual booking site property - typically an entire property or an individual room. All of your listings are displayed in rows on the Uplisting calendar.

Listing settings

Uplisting is designed so you can easily control and quickly access everything to do with your listing from the main calendar view. Those settings are available on individual tabs.


Where relevent, the icons below give you an indication of whether an input is synced to booking sites, or not.

🙅 - these inputs are exclusive to Uplisting. They are not synced with booking sites.
👍 - these inputs are synced to Airbnb and Booking.com.

1. Details

Listing nickname 🙅
If you have imported your listings from Airbnb, this field will contain your Airbnb listing name. You can change this without syncing to Airbnb.

Check-in and check-out times and Timezone 🙅
If you have imported your listings from Airbnb, check-in and out times are automatically synced as part of the importing process. Changes on Uplisting will not be synced to booking sites.

Check-in and out times and your Timezones are used to trigger your automated guest messages.

2. Pricing

Currency 🙅
Changes to the currency input will not be synced with booking sites. The currency setting on Uplisting is used only to display the correct currency symbol.
You should ensure the currencies you set on booking sites are correct as the values you enter on Uplisting will attach to that currency. There are no currency conversions on Uplisting.

Base rates 👍
Entering and saving base rates will sync with Airbnb and Booking.com. Base rates are set 3 years in advance for Booking.com and 1 year in advance for Airbnb.

You can overwrite base rates with spot rates on Uplisting.

Weekly rate (optional)  👍
Your weekly rate will sync with Booking.com.

3. Booking sites 👍

Booking sites have different methods to connect and also sync varying amounts of information. You can sync bookings, rates, availabilities (and more) with Airbnb and Booking.com. You can only sync bookings and availabilities with the other booking sites via iCalendar.

Looking for other booking sites? Let us know! We're happy to assess.

If you have imported your listings from Airbnb then this connection has already been established. If so, you will either see a 'locked' or the 'confirm connection' screen. Locked means that Uplisting is syncing to Airbnb. If you have yet to confirmed the connection then Uplisting will not sync to Airbnb (this includes automated guest messages).

If you have yet to connect to Airbnb then you will be able to here by logging into your Airbnb account. Click here to learn more about connecting an individual listing to Airbnb.

Enter your property ID here to begin the connection to Booking. Click here to learn more about connecting to Booking.com.

Click here to learn more about connecting to Homeaway.

Click here to learn more about connecting to TripAdvisor.

9 Flats
Click here to learn more about connecting to 9 Flats.

Click here to learn more about connecting to Wimdu.

Click here to learn more about connecting to VRBO.

4. Automated guest messages

Automated guest messages are currently sent to Airbnb guests only. Coming soon to all other sites via email.

Automated guest messages are designed to keep your guests comfortable, happy and to answer any questions before they arise. Learn more about automated guest messaging here.

5. Linked listings

Linked listings allow you to share the availability of 2 or more properties automatically. Click here to learn more.

6. Restrictions

You can add certain restrictions to your Booking.com connection here. If you need to make restrictions that aren't available on the interface, please send us a message. We can set most restrictions for you via our back-end. Click here to learn more.

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