How do I set extra guest charges for

Although this isn't currently possible on our interface, we can set extra guest charges   for you on our back-end. 

You can have the standard rate for one (or more) persons and an extra charge for the an extra guests. Send us a message and we'll set these charges for you ASAP.

We are adding this to the interface so you can make these changes yourself.

Why is the balance summary on Uplisting is different to

If your property contains VAT/tax/charges that are not included in your rates, the balance summary will be exclusive of those charges. In the example below, the host has 2 charges. One included (City tax of 8%) and one not included (VAT of €12) in the rate. Only included charges are sent to Uplisting and displayed on the balance summary.

VAT/tax/charges on

Price a guest sees on when booking

The total price that the guest is to pay is €102 (€90 plus €12 VAT), however as this rate is not included it is not passed onto Uplisting. To fix this, ensure that all rates are included on

Why are some rates on are different to those entered on Uplisting

Multiple rate categories

A common reason why rates on differ to those on Uplisting is due to multiple rate categories. Uplisting supports one XML rate category. Other rate categories may result in unexpected rates. Click here to view the rate categories for your property.

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