Airbnb FAQ's

What do you do with my login credentials?

Uplisting securely sends your Airbnb login credentials to Airbnb to confirm the connection. Your login credentials are not stored as once the connection is confirmed Uplisting retrieves a token to allow syncing.

What prices are synced?

Uplisting automatically calculates the commission rate into the prices sent to Airbnb (and other channels). Entering a figure of $100 (for example) on Uplisting will result in a rate of $103 being synced to Airbnb. After Airbnb commission, you will earn $100 (rounded). To learn more and see example price calculations click here.

Can I turn Instant Booking on?

Yes! Bookings from other sites are imported to Uplisting every five minutes and then synced to Airbnb instantly. Switch instant booking on with confidence.

Did you know that 60% of Airbnb bookings are instant bookings? Reference.

How do prices work?

Click here to see how prices are synced. Uplisting > Airbnb > guest payment.

Syncing has stopped working?

Have you changed your Airbnb password recently? Contact us to reconnect.

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