1. What's the difference between cancelling and deleting a booking?

The main difference is that when deleting a booking it is permanently removed from the Uplisting database. This is most appropriate for bookings made in error. Cancelling a booking marks the booking as cancelled in the database. When Uplisting provides analytics, cancellation data will be used to offer insight into how your business is performing (eg. % of bookings cancelled = 2%, value of cancelled bookings = $1,324.55).

1.1 When to use cancel or delete

  1. Cancel a booking if a guest has cancelled, or you've had to move a booking to another property
  2. Delete a booking if you made a mistake

2. Cancelling or deleting a booking

To cancel or delete a booking:

  1. Click the booking on the calendar
  2. Click '2. Booking details'
  3. Click the cancel (or delete) button
  4. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Confirm cancellation (or deletion)
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