Introduction to the restrictions offers a wide range of restrictions. You can set some of this on the Uplisting interface, for any others please contact us and we will put them in place for you.

Minimum length of stay (MLOS) (optional)

Enter the minimum length of stay for a booking (eg. 3 nights). Defaults to 1 night. Adding a MLOS will put this restriction in place on all dates on

MLOS for specific dates

If you'd like to have specific MLOS (eg. 10 nights for the months of December, or 4 nights from 2nd of January until 4th of March), use the 'Bulk MLOS' button.

Closed for arrival (optional)

Selecting 'Sunday' (for example) will hide your property from potential bookings beginning on a Sunday. Adding closed for arrival day(s) will put this restriction in place for all dates on

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