Introduction to rates

Uplisting's Smart Rates add 15% to the prices you set when syncing with Learn more on Smart Rates here. But what if you want to increase (or decrease) that % or add a cleaning or credit card fee? You can do this on your admin settings.

How to add or remove fees

Property > Policies > Additional fees & charges > Change / Add details

Note: If you don't see these options on your admin account, contact your representative.

Increasing (or decreasing) the automated 15% commission offers a flexible way to add or remove fees. In the example below, we've set a 5% service charge that is not included in the price. This will result in the prices you set on Uplisting being 20% higher on (15% automated in Uplisting + 5% service charge set on

Adding a cleaning fee

You can set a cleaning free on, just like Airbnb. In the example below, we have set a cleaning fee of £50 per stay.

Payment types

There are various payment types, as shown below.

Type of fees

There are also a number of fee types, as shown below.

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