The following example uses the pricing inputs detailed in 'Setting prices and how they reflect on Uplisting and Airbnb'.

To summarise:

  1. Nightly price entered on Uplisting: £100
  2. Price displayed on your Airbnb calendar: £103 (inc 3% commission)
  3. Cleaning fee: £50
  4. Security deposit: £200
  5. Extra guest charges: £40 (per person per night (after 4 guests))

An example of a 2-night booking for 5 guests

  1. The price is displayed to the guest as £143 per night. This reflects the £103 per night charge plus the extra guest fee of £40 per night. Total: £143 per night.
  2. The total charged to the guest is £385. That is calculated as: (£143 x 2 nights) + £50 cleaning fee + £49 Airbnb service charge.The Airbnb service fee is 12.7%.
  3. The security deposit is not taken on guest payment. It is only provided to you after you file a claim with Airbnb.
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