Which bookings do automated guest messages work with?

Automated guest messages currently work for all Airbnb, Booking.com, Homeaway/VRBO and direct bookings.

What do the messages tags look like with actual guest information?

  • {guest_first_name}: Vincent

  • {guest_surname}: Breslin

  • {host_first_name}: James

  • {host_surname}: Brown

  • {listing_name}: Modern apartment in North London

  • {listing_location}: London

  • {listing_address}: City Road, London, England EC1V 1JB, United Kingdom

  • {length_of_stay}: 2

  • {check_in_time}: 15:00

  • {check_in_date}: 25th of October

  • {check_out_time}: 11:00

  • {check_out_date}: 26th of October

What timezone are the messages sent?

If you have imported your listings from Airbnb, Uplisting will sync the timezone from each property imported. That is your default timezone. If you have not imported listings from Airbnb, or wish to change your timezone you can do on the '1. Details' settings tab on each property.

I've had lots of bookings on new listings already. Can I send out messages to confirm all these bookings like what happens when someone books and gets a confirmation message?

We don't offer the option to send new booking messages for existing bookings. This is primarily because we expect there to be previous messages between the Guest and Host and don't want to confuse the customer with more messages.

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