All your guest messages are displayed in a single feed. At the very least you can quickly view and reply to unread messages from any Airbnb and accounts. 

For those of you that work with multiple Airbnb and accounts, the unified inbox is a lifesaver! Unified inbox for all booking sites (including HomeAway/VRBO) via email is coming soon.

📥 Inbox filters and ordering

Close & star guest messages

Now you'll always know what messages require responses, how urgently and which ones have been dealt with already. 

Closing all messages is your inbox is incredibly satisfying! 

Filtering guest messages

You can now filter your messages by priority, bookings, enquiries, booking sites and more.

Message ordering

You can order your messages by newest, unread and awaiting reply.

💾 Saved replies

You can save any reply as a template and use to quickly respond to any guest. Uplisting will automatically insert the guest name and other booking information (eg. check-in time). 

📱 Respond to guest messages on the go

Uplisting is mobile responsive so you can reply to all guests from Airbnb and, across multiple accounts all in one place.

Message states

Green background and green border on the left hand side

A new, unread message. This message has not been read or replied to on Uplisting.

Light grey background

The message has been read but has not been replied to on Uplisting.

White background

The message has been read and replied to on Uplisting.

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