Video walkthrough

1. Creating a booking

Creating a booking is simple. Click the date of check in on the calendar and drag to the check out date (see figure 1, below). Don't worry if you get the dates wrong, you can change the dates once you release the mouse and the booking panel appears.

Figure 1. Creating a booking and an unavailability

2. Adding booking details

Once you have selected the dates, the new booking panel will slide in from the right hand side (figure 2, below). 

Here you will see a price breakdown based on the nightly rates and optional extras you have set on the listing itself (watch the video above for a quick overview). These include extra guest charges and various taxes. 

You can then add additional charges (eg. airport pickup) or discounts to each the booking. You can also use these inputs to manipulate the total guest price to what you need it to be. 

Selecting 'Next: Enter guest details' takes you to the final step. Here you can add the following optional information:

  1. Guest name
  2. Guest phone number
  3. Guest email address
  4. Notes

Note that on the new booking panel, you can also select to 'b. Mark dates unavailable'. As the name suggests, select this tab to mark dates unavailable rather than creating a new booking.

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