Nightly price entered on Uplisting: £100

The price entered on Uplisting, either through base prices or an instant rate update is £100.

Figure 1. Prices set on Uplisting

Nightly price synced with Airbnb: £103

Uplisting calculates the commission Airbnb charges you as a host (3%) and adds that to the price you entered when syncing with Airbnb.

Figure 2. Prices displayed on Airbnb - included 3% Airbnb commission

Additional charges

Uplisting does not yet enable you to set prices for rarely changed extra charges such as cleaning, security deposit or extra guests. These must be set in your Airbnb listing settings.

Table 1. Extra rates set on Airbnb. These are all optional but are included for illustration purposes

Figure 3. Extra charges set on the Airbnb platform


As with Airbnb, Uplisting does not offer the ability to set taxes so they are not included in these calculations.

Unless your property is in an area where Airbnb has made agreements with governments to collect and remit local taxes on behalf of hosts, they do not collect taxes on your behalf and recommend "if you need to collect tax you can either add it within a Special Offer or ask your guests to pay it in person".

Click here to see what Airbnb says about taxes.

Guest payment

Click here for an example calculation showing what a guest pays.

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