How to add a property manually on Uplisting

Adding your properties (listings) to Uplisting enables you to sync with channels such as Airbnb as well as add bookings manually. The preferred method is to import your listings from Airbnb as Uplisting will automatically import bookings, rates, unavailable dates and more. However, you can add your properties manually.

Step by step

  1. Go to settings to open the settings menu

  2. Click the 'Create a listing manually' link

  3. Enter your property name (you can change this whenever you want)

  4. Click next to set your base prices (these can be changed at any time)

  5. Select the 'Booking sites' tab to connect with any channels you work with (click here for further help with that). You can skip this by clicking the 'close x' link on the top right of the add a property panel. 

  6. Done

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