1. Set your prices once
    and sync instantly to Airbnb (and with commission included (click here to learn more about Smart Rates).
  2. Turn on instant booking with confidence
    Did you know that 60% of Airbnb bookings are instant bookings? Uplisting syncs unavailable dates with Airbnb instantly. No risk of double bookings.
  3. Uplisting calendar always up to date
    Airbnb bookings are synced to your Uplisting calendar every minute.

How to set up the Airbnb Instant Syncing connection

Video Walkthrough

Note: Any future Airbnb bookings will be imported when you complete the connection.

Step by step

  1. As with all booking site connections, ensure that your prices are correct on Uplisting before proceeding
  2. Select one of your properties on your Uplisting calendar
  3. Go to the '2. Booking sites' tab
  4. Select the 'Connect' button nex to Airbnb Instant Sync
  5. Login to your Airbnb account
  6. Match your Uplisting property to the correct Airbnb listing on the drop down menu
  7. Confirm the connection by selecting the 'I confirm that prices are accurate on Uplisting'.
  8. This property is now connected to Airbnb. 1 year of prices will be synced automatically - this can take up to 10 minutes when first making the connection. Any future Airbnb bookings will be imported every minute and rates synced to Airbnb instantly.
  9. Match any other properties to Airbnb listings by selecting each property on the Uplisting calendar. You won't need to login to Airbnb again
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